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Buy your sole with a pair of basic ribbons to start your Nupié collection.

The sandals are produced in Italy by a manufacturer using only the toscan leather to propose a sandal in the best finishes and the best Italian quality.

soleil nouvelle co_edited.jpg

The Nupié are sold with a pair of ribbons on which you can add other ribbons to.

There are lots of different ribbons that are only produced in small quantities.

Some ribbons are from all around the world. They're made in Fair-trade conditions with the best craftspeople.

Besides, ways to tie the ribbons are multiple : it's up to you to find yours !

We are fortunate to meet with with exceptional craftspeople during our trips that make magnificent accessories, 

here's a selection :

boots red_edited.png

Nupié offers you its new Autumn-Winter 2018/19 collection.

Four colors of boots and a multitude of ribbons specially selected for you...

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