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Sandals made in Italy with a multitude of ribbons declinable to infinity, found in the four corners of the world, from Mexico to Thailand, and by passing through India, Guatemala and Africa...

In a Tuscan leather of the highest quality, in the perfect finishes and in colors of travels, the Nupié sandal is to be adapted to the will of its humor and its day.

sandales rubans interchangeables

Passionate of travels and wide horizons, the young creator Lorine Driot puts down her suitcases to Saint-Barth, London, Brazil and even to Paris before she moved to Geneva.

She feels the need to simplify her suitcases and is inspired by a sandal found in South America that allows to change style very easily.

In a gypset spirit and ethnic chic, Lorine reinvents this concept by offering to an indispensable sandal Made in Italy a multitude of links made of fabrics she finds all around the world.

sandales rubans interchangeables
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